peter hix and mark lessman
Mark Lessman and Peter Hix

Peter Hix started playing the ukulele when he was 5 years old and grew up (sort of) in a musical family with a father who ran a music store outside Chicago.  From his father he learned about playing the ukulele as well as how to operate the music store which he eventually took over with his brothers.   He met Mark (that's me) when I moved to Chicago in the 90's and ended up on one of his Peter Hix Orchestra gigs.  I joined the band and we've been friends ever since.  I moved back to my home state of California in 2001 and Peter moved here in 2016 and between his expertise in guitars and ukuleles and my web skills, here we are with  Peter is also teaching guitar and ukulele as well as playing and singing here and there and I am playing sax and flute wherever they'll have me. My website is

John Hix Sr, Paul Baxendale, Peter Hix
Mary Hix, John Hix Jr, Peter Hix, Cherri Bliss